Every month we are asking a friendly Georgian Bay / Beaver Valley / Grey Highlands face 20 questions about their life in the area.


Meet Aakash P. Desai Occupation: Municipal Councillor/ Restaurateur Social Media: @CouncillorDesai Bio:  I moved to Canada, from India, in 2006 and moved to Grey Highlands full time in 2008. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Laurentian University in 2012 and have since worked full time at my family-owned business Knights Inn Flesherton and The Restaurant on the south side of Flesherton on Highway 10.

1) Where in the area do I call home? Flesherton

2) Cottager or Resident? Resident

3) I cannot go a day without: Reading. I love reading. I usually try reading 3 newspapers everyday (The Globe and Mail, The National, and the Owen Sound Sun Times).

4) Favourite spot to adventure in the area is: Along the hiking trails in the area. My favourite being the hike from Hogg’s Falls to Eugenia Falls. There are some breathtaking views along the way and hikers are also sufficiently challenged on a physical level due to the uphill nature of the hike.

5) Go to stop for ice cream is: Foodland to bring home some Chapman’s Ice Cream and enjoy it with my family while enjoying a movie.

6) Favourite area festival or fair: The Car Show put on by the Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce. I’ve assisted with it since 2012.

7) Best coffee in the area is at: Tricky question! Well depends on who you ask, I try to tell Shawn Ankenmann that the best coffee in the area is at The Restaurant, but he insists it’s at Highland Grounds. Since I can’t really say The Restaurant, I’ll say Highland Grounds.

8) My favourite store/shop in the area is: Although it’s not exactly a store, I absolutely love visiting the South East Grey Museum. It turns back the clock and fills me with wonder on the life of those who called this area home.

9) Between hiking, canoeing, swimming, and cycling I would rather: Hike. I’d rather hike. Then cycle, and then canoe. Then finally, swim.

10) My favourite ski run in the area is: I do not ski.

11) Favourite place to grab brunch is: The Restaurant in Flesherton.

12) Favourite Season is: Summer. One word, SOCCER! I coach soccer with Markdale Minor Soccer, and I play for them too. Soccer is a passion of mine, that combined with the fact that summer is ideal for hiking.

13) My favourite spot to get a fresh apple pie is: The Flesherton Farmer’s Market that runs from Victoria Day Weekend to Labour Day Weekend.

14) Between a Ski Chalet and Summer cottage I would rather have: Summer Cottage.

15) My favourite restaurant in the area is: Again, I can’t say The Restaurant, so I’ll go with Fire & Ice.

16) My ideal summer day in the area would be: Wake up at 5 in the morning. Go for a hike. After the hike, a shower, and a quick breakfast, go golfing. Timing it so I can do 9 holes before lunch and 9 after. And then off to the soccer fields!

17) Visitors must see: All the waterfalls in the area. Definitely.

18) My favourite waterfall in the area is: Walter’s Falls. Why? I’m glad you asked! Because you can walk down to the water, wade through the pool, and get behind the waterfall. Is there a batcave there? That’s for me to know and for you to find out! *Note: be safe if you decide to find out*

19) My ideal night out in the area is: The open mic at Fire & Ice on Sunday Nights

20) I love the area because: Because of the people. The friendliest people. Every time I walk into a grocery store I feel like a rockstar.