Every month we are asking a friendly Georgian Bay / Beaver Valley / Grey Highlands / Chatsworth face 20 questions about their life in the area.

Meet Jackie!

Occupation:  Administration and Social Media @ Sea & Ski Realty Ltd., Brokerage

Bio:  I recently relocated from out west where I was also involved in real estate and am excited to continue my career in the beautiful Beaver Valley Area. When not working I love to spend time with my son outdoors.

1) Where in the area do I call home? I live about 3km north of Markdale on an acerage

2) Weekend Warrior or Resident? I live here full time, so a resident!

3) I cannot go a day without: My son, he’s two years old right now and learning so much and makes me smile every day. Love him to bits! 

4) Favourite spot to adventure in the area is: I really enjoy hiking around Hogg’s Falls and different areas of the Bruce Trail

5) Go to stop for ice cream is: I like to support local so ‘The Ice Cream Place’ on the out skirts of Owen Sound is where we go for ice cream. They Sell Chapman’s so it’s like a 2-in-1 supporting local

6) Favourite area festival or fair: Elvis Festival! This event is so far reaching and you get people from EVERYWHERE it’s always a blast

7) Best coffee in the area is at: Ashanti Coffee in Thornbury by far. It’s coffee has such a flavor of it’s own and it’s unforgettable.

8) My favourite store/shop in the area is: Kimberley general store!! This place has everything! And a lot of it is unique independent brands that you can’t find in big box stores. And their sandwiches – I get one every week. They are amazing! Seriously can’t say enough about this place.

9) Between hiking, canoeing, swimming, and cycling I would rather: Swimming by far. I love to be in the water and hope to take up paddle boarding next year.

10) My favourite ski run in the area is:  I’d say Blue Mountain… they’ve got a bunny hill right?

11) Favourite place to grab brunch is: Justin’s Oven is the best I’ve had so far. Their stuffed French toast is amazing.

12) Favourite Season and why: I prefer summer because the water’s warm by then, the days are longer and patios are open. I also prefer to be warm vs cold so I can be a bit of a baby when it comes to winter.

13) My favourite spot to get a fresh apple pie is: Williamsford Pie Company!! Their lemon buttermilk pie is incredible! That little store is highly under rated I find. Stop there if you have time…seriously. 

14) Between a Ski Chalet and Summer cottage I would rather have: In the summer I like to spend as much time as I can outdoors so a cottage has never appealed to me much – I’d rather just have a tent camper. I’d say a ski Chalet with big windows, a big fire, a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate.

15) My favourite restaurant in the area is: I like a good steak so Andrews Roots Restaurant has a wicked New York Strip and a lot of the ingredients are local so I really enjoy that too.

16) My ideal summer day in the area would be: Spend it hiking, splash around in a few small streams, go swimming at Christie Beach grab some grub from a local small restaurant and finish off with a few drinks on a patio while the sun goes down.

17) Visitors must see: The amazing wineries, breweries and cideries we have in the area – each with their own unique flavour.

18) My favourite waterfall in the area is: Hoggs Falls. Love the Hike and the scenery

19) My ideal night out in the area is: Have a dinner at a nice restaurant, go for an evening swim and then enjoy a few drinks on the patio!

20) I love the area because: There is so much variety in the area and everyone around here seems to be passionate about supporting local. So much fresh produce available to be bought straight from the farmer. The vast use of renewable energy and the scenery. All local stores, winery’s and botique stores are all of great quality. Seriously this area is awesome.