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The Chipper– Collingwood

The Chipper was established in 2007 and moved to Sunset point in 2011 to give guests an incredible view overlooking the Collingwood terminals. The Chipper’s food choices are the classic burger and fries, fish and chips, tacos, 18 flavours of ice cream and more! What makes the Chipper stand out is the locally farmed food touch; with ice cream coming from Kawartha ice cream and GMO-free potatoes for fries from local farms. Visit their website here! https://thechipper.ca/

The Chipper- Collingwood

SoCo Food and Bar– Collingwood and surrounding area

SoCo is a unique but also a social food truck that offers a variety of services! They usually park at the “Farm to Table Co-op Market” at 65 Simcoe St. Collingwood but can be hired for events! SoCo offers food from Pizza & salad to Southern food such as a Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich! even better, they offer bar services! You will recognize SoCo Food and Bar by its artful matte black truck and wooden kitchen in the trick bed. Visit their website here. https://socofoodandbar.com/

SoCo Food and Bar- Collingwood and surrounding area

Kiki’s Funnel Cakes– Collingwood

Kiki’s is known best for its quality funnel cakes, for a deserved reason! They use quality ingredients for a savory memorable taste. But they also serve other specialty foods such as fun Tornado potatoes, deep fried pickles, and deep-fried Mars bars and more. Make sure you come on your “cheat” day. Find Kiki’s usually at 104 High Street Collingwood. Find more information on Facebook.

Kiki's Funnel Cakes- Collingwood

Yeti Cheese– Blue Mountain

Yeti Cheese is a sneaky food truck, parked for your biggest food cravings after a day of hiking. The Yeti usually sits at the top of Scenic Caves Rd and draws its pray in with savory grilled cheese, hot dogs, burgers, poutine and more. Find out more information on the Blue Mountain page.


Yeti Cheese- Blue Mountain
KJ's Kitchen- Meaford

KJ’s Kitchen– Meaford

KJ’s Kitchen knows their burgers! In fact, they know them so well that they offer 9 different types of freshly ground burgers. Their Traeger Grill also offers chicken, ribs, pork shoulders, sausages, and brisket and famously known fresh cut fries! You won’t miss this food truck because it is massive; 18 feet to be exact! You will find KJ’s Kitchen parked at 480 Sykes Street North in Meaford. Visit their website to find out more http://www.kjskitchen.ca/.

Sail Restaurant and Catering Company– Meaford

Sail is known for its restaurant in Meaford but they also have their food truck available for events and catering! Their crispy fish and chips are famously known throughout the town but they also sell pasta, wraps and more. You can find the bright blue food truck throughout Meaford! Find out more on their Facebook


Sail Restaurant and Catering Company- Meaford

Fired Up at Grilled in Action– Owen Sound

Fired up describes themselves on their webpage as “The Most Kick A*s, Rock n’ Roll, Gourmet Food truck in Canada” That sounds like a good enough explanation for us! You can find them almost anywhere around Owen Sound. Check out their Facebook for more information.


Fired Up at Grilled in Action- Owen Sound