Preparing to Sell Your Home During Covid-19

Has Covid-19 thrown a wrench in your plans to sell this spring? If you’re planning to sell your home this year, here’s how to take advantage of your time at home during the pandemic to get a leading edge when you’re ready to put your house on the market. Make sure your property stands out from the rest and you have the best chance at selling for the most amount of money possible!

1. Remove Clutter And Get Organized!

Now’s the time to go through closets, drawers, cupboards and all the other places you’ve been stashing stuff you don’t know what to do with. You want your home to look as spacious as possible and extra clutter and disorganized storage areas will make your home look less functional and give the impression that there is not enough storage space. Put some thought into what things you actually use and make a pile for things to donate once we are no longer self-isolating. Now is also the time to start de-personalizing the home as Buyers will want to envision their belongings in your home. You may want to consider renting a storage unit for knickknacks, photos, extra furniture, and other personal items.

2. Clean Your Home From Top To Bottom

Clean every surface of your home until it sparkles including walls, windows, doors and light fixtures. Don’t forget about behind furniture, under beds and couches, cobwebs in ceiling corners, baseboards, and cleaning out the insides of cupboards, etc.  Not only will it make your house look well maintained and loved but will also give a nice fresh clean smell, and help people who may suffer from allergies.

3. Tackle Small Repairs

Now is the time for small repairs.  Most hardware stores are still taking orders for curbside pickup, so now’s the time to tackle all those little jobs you’ve been putting off.  Patch up any chipped paint, re-stick peeling wallpaper, and fix anything that’s in disrepair.  While it may not be the best time for any larger renovations, it’s definitely time to tackle all those little things on the hunny-do list.

4. Clean Up Outside

Clean up outside your home, including the exterior of your house. Mow the lawn, clean the gutters, scrub that green grunge off the deck or patio, clean up the clutter and get the gardens in order.

5. Don’t Forget About Curb Appeal

Maybe the front door could use a new colour or hardware, or the front porch paint is peeling. First impressions are everything so make sure your front entrance is looking it’s best.  A nice new welcome mat and some planters with flowers can go a long way. Look at your house from the road or driveway and pretend you’re a buyer. What is your eye drawn to first?

6. Take Colour Down a Notch

While you may love your bright purple bedroom, Buyers will be looking to envision themselves in your home. Sticking to a more neutral palette will make your home more appealing to a wider range of buyers, and in turn will also make it look more spacious and bright.

7. Find Your Ideal REALTOR® or Team

Start your search for your ideal REALTOR/team of REALTORS. Your agent should be an expert in your local real estate market and should be someone you trust to get the job done right. Consider a REALTOR that works with a team. They often provide a vast array of services with great attention to detail and have several members that work together for the common goal of getting your property sold. Ask your friends or colleagues, do some searching online and read reviews.  For more on selling with the Sea & Ski Team click HERE

8. Get Your Documents in Order

When listing your home your REALTOR is going to ask you for several documents and now is a great time to dig them out and get them organized. From Tax bills, well & septic records,  to repair and maintenance bills, utility bills etc.

9. Keep Informed About the Local Market

Stay informed about the local market and any changes that are happening, how the market is adapting and what is being predicted a month or two down the road. For weekly updates on how Covid-19 is affecting the market in Grey County click HERE

10. Stay Calm and Be Patient

Before you know it you’ll see that for sale sign on your lawn and will be planning your move to your next dream home.

We know that not everyone is able or wanting to put their real estate plans on hold. If you need to sell now and can’t wait then rest assured, we have a plan for that as well.  The Sea & Ski Team is constantly adapting to the Covid-19 situation to ensure that the people who still need to do real estate are able to. We have moved to a more digital and virtual approach to make sure your property gets the best exposure possible in a safe and efficient manner. See our video HERE to learn about how we’re making real estate work in this pandemic.