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SnowshoeingThe breathtaking views of the Beaver Valley, along with an abundant snowfall make this area perfect for snowshoeing.  Enjoy one of many trail systems throughout the County of Grey!


  1. Camp Oliver –  Grey County Forest 21
  2. Camp Oliver Egremont – Grey County Forest 12
  3. Camp Oliver Glenelg – Grey County Forest 17
  4. Chatsworth Property – Grey County Forest 45
  5. Derby Tract – Grey County Forest 10
  6. Dornoch Property – Grey County Forest 20
  7. Glenelg Klondike Property – Grey County Forest 24
  8. Grey Main – Grey County Forest 19
  9. Harkaway Property – Grey County Forest 16
  10. Holland Centre Property – Grey County Forest 26
  11. Kolapore Property – Grey County Forest 9
  12. Lily Oak Property – Grey County Forest 29
  13. Mountain Lake Property – Grey County Forest 36
  14. Normanby Tract – Grey County Forest 37
  15. Quarry Property – Grey County Forest 35
  16. Rocklyn Property – Grey County Forest 14
  17. The Fish Hatchery Property – Grey County Forest 41
  18. Taylor Road Property – Grey County Forest 28
  19. The Massie Property – Grey County Forest 44
  20. The Rocky Saugeen Property – Grey County Forest 23
  21. The Wickens Property – Grey County Forest 39

All maps are taken from the Grey County website at: http://www.grey.ca/services/forests-trails/?activity=7234
Nordic Centre-Scenic Caves 22 kms of groomed trails for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. www.sceniccaves.com

Sulphur Spring Conservation Area

5 kms of established trails for winter use. http://www.saugeenconservation.com

To Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Snowshoes:

SnowshoeingI sip on my warm hot cocoa as I trudge through the depths of the fluffy snow. The cold, refreshing wind blows in my direction, gently causing my wool scarf to dance with the falling snowflakes. One foot after the other, I conquer the vast field of snow that awaits my exploration. Behind me, I see oblong markings in the snow leaving traces of my existence. Ahead lays fresh snow awaiting my arrival as I eagerly make my way across the snowy field. This is just an average day of snowshoeing in the outskirts of Meaford.

Snowshoeing is an excellent way to spend the day getting fresh air, exercise, and a chance to first handily experience the picturesque winter landscape this area has to offer. Whether it is with friends, family, animal companions, or on your own, snowshoeing is a great outdoor activity. I often spend the duration of my day catching up with old friends, playing with adorable border collies and breathing in fresh country air.

It is easy to oversee the positive attributes of winter as you spend countless early mornings shovelling the driveway or vehicles out of the clutches of the snow. However, many outdoor activities, like snowshoeing, provide the chance to appreciate the many opportunities that snow has to offer. Although changed from the fall palette, the landscape is beautiful when the snow has covered the endless fields and stripped the trees of their leaves. The fresh, clean slate of the white field is a mere drawing board for a fun afternoon.

Though snowshoeing is a pleasurable way to spend the day, certain cautions still must be taken. Firstly, snowshoeing, or any outdoor activities, involves proper attire. Remember to bundle from head to toe with garments such as: weather-proof boots, lined snow pants, layered sweaters and a warm winter jacket that is topped off with fuzzy mitts, a hat, and a wool scarf.

SnowshoeingAlthough snowshoeing is a leisurely activity, it is important to be mindful of the potential dangers involved such as: temperature, unsafe areas, and fatigue. When snowshoeing, it is important to be attentive to the weather. Days that are too cold or too warm are not ideal as it is either unbearably cold or the snow becomes sticky and difficult to walk in. Instead, moderate temperature days that are clear and sunny make for the ideal opportunity to embark on a snowshoeing adventure. Moreover, pay attention to areas appropriate and safe to snowshoe on. The Bruce Trail that spans along the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara Falls to Tobermory provides a safe, well-traveled path and beautiful scenery for shoeing in the area. I decided to snowshoe across acres of land behind a friend’s property on the third line in Meaford. If you want to head out in the snow but don’t have your own equipment, snowshoe rentals are also available at Free Spirit Tours in Heathcote. Be sure to take your camera to encapsulate memorable moments of the day.
What better way to spend a day of reflection then enjoying the calm and quiet melodies of the country air? Why not spend an afternoon enjoying winter and the company of friends and family at the same time? Snowshoeing provides endless opportunities to exercise, catch-up with loved ones, and see the beauty of the season up close.