In Montreal 65% of people drive their car to work, but then I read the other day that the Public Transit System is preparing to increase their bus fleet by 8,000. The math didn’t add up to me. Then it hit me, the reality that this pandemic has seeped its way into all corners of our lives. To uphold social distancing rules, buses now have a limit of 15 patrons, as opposed to the 40 or more people that buses were used to carrying pre-covid.

Will anyone even want to be on public transit now? Of course it is the only option for many, but for those who did it out of consciousness for the environment, will they opt for the safety of their cars now?

When I lived in Toronto, I dealt with absolutely brutal morning commute times. Leaving after 7am was a sure fire way to end up in the car for double or triple the time but coming home was always a write off. It didn’t matter what time of the afternoon I left, the traffic never let up.

I’m extremely blessed to currently live in Beaver Valley. This small hidden community in Grey County gives way to a breathtaking view. Whether I’m driving on the lower valley road or sitting at the top of Beaver Valley Ski Club, the scenery is stunning.

Because of the expansive reach of Grey County, only a few of the more densely populated cities have public transit, making ride sharing transit options impossible in the more rural towns and villages.  I find myself riding my bike, and driving my motorcycle whenever I can.

The winter seasons hold their own unique set of challenges, as the harsh weather, cold temperatures and snowy conditions prevent me from these options.  Luckily though, I can also take my snowmobile to work in the winter. There is a lot of land to explore and see here and I want to take every opportunity I can to drink it in.

Today I’m sharing with you some photos of my summertime commute and this great landscape I’m part of.

Thanks for tuning in. This is Brian Sloan from Sea & Ski Realty Ltd. Brokerage Kimberly Ontario in the beautiful four season playground, Beaver Valley. Living the dream!