It’s time to shake off the winter blues and get active again. Spring has finally sprung! You can feel it in the air and see it on the thermostat. As the weather is improving and the air is turning from cold to warm, now is the perfect time to spring clean the outside of your home.

You’ve tackled all the major spring cleaning tasks for the inside of your home. Now it’s time to get outside and spruce up your outdoor space too.

The Complete Outdoor Spring Clean Checklist

• Gutters
• Garage Door
• Windows
• Cobwebs
• Garbage Cans
• Siding
• Deck
• Grill
• Lawn Furniture
• Planters/Flower Pots


Inspect gutters and remove any debris left over from fall. If you find any leaks, repair them with gutter sealant from inside the gutter.

Garage Door

This is one of the most overlooked outdoor cleaning areas in your home. Your garage door can get filthy and should be washed once a year in the spring. All you need to do is fill a bucket with Dawn Dish Detergent and water and wash the door with a rag or sponge. Rinse with your hose or power washer making sure to clean the trim as well.

Be careful not to use too much pressure as you can do damage to brick, concrete, and other surfaces.


After a season of rain and snow, the windows on your house look dingy and nasty. You want to be able to look out your windows and see the beauty of spring and summer, not be dodging water spots and streaks.

Consider renting a steam machine from your local home improvement store to clean your exterior windows. You’ll be amazed at what an excellent job a steam machine will do at removing months worth of dirt and grime.


During the winter, no one is standing around outside inspecting their home. Instead, they run as fast as they can into the warmth of their house. But while you were running, spiders were building webs and homes of their own. A useful tool to rid yourself of webs is a Poly-Fiber Duster with a telescopic pole.

Just walk around the outside of your home grabbing the webs. To clean the duster, just roll it in the grass to remove the debris. This super easy and straightforward task will make your home look more inviting.

Garbage Cans

If your trash man is anything like mine, he leaves some trash behind with each collection. Now, there’s a disgusting mess at the bottom of the cans. Here’s what you’ll do to get your cans smelling and looking clean.

All you need to do is to make sure you get all trash out of the cans then pour some dish soap into each can, lie it on its side and use a pressure washer to wash them out.

After they are clean, use some household disinfectant like a PineSol, Mr. Clean or whatever your favorite product might be to get them smelling great.


Pressure wash the siding of your home to remove grime. Be sure to start at the highest points of your home to avoid washing dirt down onto clean areas. If you plan on pressure washing your siding, do so BEFORE you wash the exterior windows, or you’ll just ruin what you did.


If you have a wood deck, inspect the wood for signs of rot or decay and make repairs as necessary. Sweep first, then scrub the wood with oxalic acid to kill microbes and restain the deck if needed. For composite decks, power wash to remove dirt, debris, and stains. For a concrete patio, check for chips or cracks that need repair, and scrub away any stains.


I wish I could bring myself to do this task before I put my grill away for the winter, but without fail, I have to do this task each spring. Take apart your grill and clean thoroughly. Wash the grates using a wire brush and a degreasing agent. Remove old drip pans and replace with new ones if disposable. If not, remove and scrap debris out of the pan, clean and replace.

If the outside of the grill needs painting, prepare it first by lightly sanding the surface and washing it thoroughly to remove all grease. Once it’s totally dry, coat it with a high heat spray paint (often called barbecue and stove enamel). If you use the wrong paint, you’ll ruin your grill.

Lawn Furniture

Depending on the type of patio furniture you own will depend on how you clean it.

Planters/Flower Pots

Use a brush and some Dawn Detergent to clean inside and out of all planters and flower pots. You can also use a Mr. Clean sponge on plastic planters to remove dirt and debris – works great.

Refresh Your Front Door

The curb appeal of your home can really take a beating during the long winter months. Take a look at your front door. Are there any dings or scrapes that could use a touch up? Any wear and tear that needs to be addressed? Consider giving it a vibrant pop with a fresh coat of paint. HGTV has a fantastic gallery of some of the season’s most popular colors for your front door.

While you’re doctoring up your entryway, think about updating your door hardware, too. This might mean a simple style upgrade with one of Schlage’s handlesets, available in a wide variety of designs and finishes to ensure that your front door is the perfect introduction to your home. Want something high tech? Go for the keyless convenience of a smart lock.

Repair Walkways

Particularly if you live in a region with extreme weather, your front walkway might need some extra attention. Address any cracked concrete on the patio or sidewalk. Spring is for tiptoeing through the tulips, not tripping on the pavers.

Add A New Welcome Mat and Wreath

Over time, your welcome mat is sure to attract a lot of dirt and grime. Make your front door entry even more welcoming with a fresh new welcome mat. One popular technique is to layer a typical mat over a larger outdoor rug. The extra attention to detail can lift the look of your entire entryway. Tie it all together with a cute new wreath.

Plant Flowers

Nothing says spring like freshly bloomed flowers! Whether it’s beds or pots, start your seedlings or find plant varieties that can survive a late overnight freeze, just to be safe. If cold weather could still be in the forecast, more durable flowers, like pansies, will hold up even when temperatures unexpectedly drop overnight. They’re also affordable, leaving you the option to replace with a warm-weather plant when summer arrives.

Need some inspiration? Check out these 10 container garden ideas from our friends at Lowe’s. There are also tons of DIY upcycling projects for turning unconventional items into cute planters while also reducing waste.

Prepare Your Yard & Flower Beds

Your flower bed can become a magnet for leaves and debris during the winter. Be sure to clear them out so your hard work after planting new greenery can shine. And don’t forget to take a few minutes and a pair of scissors to remove any brown or dead bushes and ornamental grasses that may be lingering from seasons past.

Make sure your irrigation system is ready as well. Check for leaky outdoor faucets or cracked hoses, and make sure your sprinklers are still functioning effectively and efficiently. This is a good chance to take advantage of outdoor home automation with smart sprinklers.

Article Source: A Mess Free LifeSchlage