Are there high-speed internet connections available even in the rural areas for Grey County? Yes!  The team at Sea and Ski Realty can point you to all of the great internet providers in the area.

The ever-growing reality of ‘working from home’ is becoming the norm for so many people.  Whether you’re running a small business yourself or working with a larger team from the safety and convenience of your own home, staying properly connected to has become increasingly important.

Keeping up with the news, current events, or submitting projects on time needs proper WiFi and cable connections.  While outdated dial-up connections are rare, they are still present and might be necessary to avoid based on your individual needs.

The team at Sea and Ski Realty will help keep you connected, as they understand the importance of communicating and working on the fly as a team.  With many local internet providers such as Eatlink, Ruralnet and Grey Bruce Telecom, the team will ensure you can find a property you love where your connection needs are met.

Grey County Market Updates

2020 Third Quarter Real Estate Market Report

2020 Third Quarter Real Estate Market Report

Have you ever noticed that, when it comes to real estate, there’s news, and then there's news you can actually use? For example, most major newspapers, both print and online, publish updates on the real estate market — but only nationally and regionally. They don’t...