Once was the faux-pas subject of bathroom happenings and septic tanks, here at Sea and Ski Realty we open up that conversation so that you are well informed about all matters, above and below ground.

Not to fret, this new subject might seem overwhelming at first but owning a home or cottage that runs on septic will actually be better for you economically. With proper daily habits and responsible parking, a septic tank will be a low-maintenance, long-lasting function of your home.

A septic tank is also a very environmentally friendly option, as regular sewer lines can occasionally leak raw sewage and contaminate groundwater.

The Sales Team at Sea & Ski Realty has years of experience dealing with septic systems, in fact, most of us have lived on properties with a septic system most of our lives and can share with you all the dos and don’ts. If you’re looking for a rural property in Grey County, you can rest assured that the Sea & Ski Team will be there to help you navigate the offer process to help ensure you’re covered when it comes to buying a home with a septic system.

Grey County Market Updates

2020 Third Quarter Real Estate Market Report

2020 Third Quarter Real Estate Market Report

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