We are lucky enough here in Grey County to have access to a plethora of clean drinking water. Whether it’s from a bottle of Ice River Springs water or simply out of your tap, we are fortunate to live in a place with such access.  What is unique to rural living, like a lot of our communities in Grey County, that you might not find in the city is our access to fresh well water.  Well water is naturally filtered through an aquifer, which is a permeable rock that contains and transmits fresh groundwater giving you unlimited access to cleaner, natural water, free of many of the chemicals used in water sanitation in more heavily populated areas.

If living on well water is new to you, the team at Sea and Ski Realty can help you navigate the new territory and ask just the right questions; was the well dug or drilled, what’s the water treatment system like, and how is the quality of water?  With most of us living on properties with well water at some point or another, we’re very familiar with the ins and outs of using well water and the maintenance and testing that goes along with them to make sure the water you’re drinking is both fresh and safe.

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