From the slopes to the cross country trails, there’s nothing like curling up by the fire after a long day of work or play to relax. Finding a home with a fireplace or woodstove will have you in that Après Ski feeling all night long.

Using a wood-burning in your home not only adds a cozy look and feel but it is also great for your wallet, and the environment. But, did you know that regular cleaning and maintenance of a wood fireplace is crucial for you and your family’s health and safety?

The members at the Sea and Ski Realty team have the skills and knowledge to help you find the perfect wood-heated property that has been well maintained over the years. Making sure that the fireplace or woodstove has had regular chimney cleanings and maintenance, as well as meeting Wood Energy Technology Transfer requirements for insurance purposes will ensure that the first night spent in your new home won’t come with any soot-y surprises. 

Grey County Market Updates

2020 Third Quarter Real Estate Market Report

2020 Third Quarter Real Estate Market Report

Have you ever noticed that, when it comes to real estate, there’s news, and then there's news you can actually use? For example, most major newspapers, both print and online, publish updates on the real estate market — but only nationally and regionally. They don’t...