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Welcome to Lake-Eugenia

Lake Eugenia is the only place to be for the best 4 season playground in all of Ontario. It’s this vast variety of outdoor recreation that draws people to the lake and entices them to become part of the community. Lake Eugenia is the largest inland lake in the area and is the only lake in Grey Highlands that allows motorized watercraft. With this, it is the perfect getaway for families to enjoy boating, waterskiing, and tubing all just off of your dock at the cottage on the lake. Families also love the great swimming, canoeing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding Lake Eugenia offers that always guarantees fun in the sun! The town is also home to Eugenia Falls, that offers great hiking. In the winter, your cottage on Lake Eugenia becomes a ski chalet! Downhill skiing is offered at the Beaver Valley Ski Club which is only a 10 minute drive away.

Welcome to Lake Eugenia!  Located in the best 4-season playground in all of Ontario which includes Collingwood, Blue Mountain and The Beaver Valley.

Canoers, kayakers, stand-up paddle boarders, and even wind-surfers are of course popular and enjoy the lake’s beauty as well and the peacefulness and relaxation it provides.  With a constant flow of fresh water running into the lake, it is a gorgeous body of water that offers an abundance of opportunities for recreation and fun for the whole family.

There are other ways to enjoy the outdoors in the town of Eugenia, and the perfect example of this is Eugenia Falls.

This waterfall is the tallest in Ontario at a height of 30m, next only to Niagara Falls at a height of 53m.  They are best to visit in the spring as this is when they have the most rushing water, but are beautiful all year round. With hiking trails surrounding these beautiful falls to get many different views of the falls there is so much so see and photograph.  This is a great place for family day trips or afternoon outings to enjoy fresh air while you’re not on the lake. Other beautiful areas great for hiking and appreciating nature include Hogg’s falls, and the famous Old Baldy Conservation area.  Cycling is also very popular in the Lake Eugenia area for its great terrain and spectacular views to enjoy along the ride. With such a variety of outdoor recreation you will never be at a loss for activities with a cottage on Lake Eugenia.

So when is a cottage on Lake Eugenia not a cottage?  When it’s a ski chalet in the winter!  This true 4 season economy offers plenty of opportunities in the area with a variety of outdoor recreation activities during the winter.  The Beaver Valley Ski Club provides members and guests with great skiing and snowboarding and is best known for its ski run “Avalanche”: one of the steepest groomed runs in all of Ontario!  The area offers plenty more than just downhill skiing and boarding though.  There are many popular trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the area as well that offer great terrain and amazing views as you are immersed in the natural beauty that surrounds Lake Eugenia.  No matter the time of year, outdoor enthusiasts and recreationalists will always find something to do in this fantastic 4-season playground!

In the town of Eugenia you will find a variety of shops, general stores, and restaurants with local foods and products. With several small businesses you can enjoy quick stops for delicious lunches and tasty treats on your way to the lake or pick up some foods to go for a picnic on your hike. Being surrounded by lots of locally grown foods it comes as no surprise that Eugenia is also home to fine dining as well for those who love great, local cuisine. Also close to amenities such as grocery stores, banks, post offices, and a hospital, as well as larger centres such as Collingwood and the Blue Mountains with more stores, boutiques, department stores, large supermarkets, cinemas, and fine dining. Lake Eugenia is the perfect place to enjoy recreational country living without sacrificing any convenience.

With lots of outdoor recreation all year round, great local cuisine, and festivals, Lake Eugenia is a fantastic place to be. The Lake is an excellent place for year-round living and also makes a wonderful vacation destination.  Because of the area’s beautiful year-round scenery; relaxation abounds!  There is no better place in Ontario that offers recreation throughout all four seasons of the year, so what are you waiting for? Come explore, and enjoy Lake Eugenia through this website, or make this your next vacation spot!  Only a 2 hour drive from the GTA and 1.5 hour drive from Kitchener/Waterloo.

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Lake Eugenia Amenities

Local Schools

École MacPhail Memorial Elementary School – Flesherton
Beavercrest Community School – Markdale
École Grey Highlands Secondary School – Flesherton

Local Library

Kimberley Library & Kimberley Memorial Hall – Kimberley
Flesherton Public Library – Flesherton
Walter Harris Memorial Library – Markdale
Centre Grey Recreation Complex – Markdale
Kinplex – Flesherton
Stothart Hall – Priceville

Nearest Hospital

Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) – Markdale
Pharmacy – Markdale

History of Lake Eugenia

Although the former Artemesia Township was surveyed in 1849 by Charles Rankin, the area now known as Eugenia was not discovered until 1852. An early settler known as Brownlee was foraging for his winter larder and came upon the mesmerizing waterfalls. After telling his neighbour about the beauty he had discovered, they went to explore the area further. Upon viewing the glistening water in the gorge below the falls, the two men saw what looked like gold!
After that, the famous Eugenia Gold Rush began… however miners later found out that what they had been mining was not gold but Iron Pyrite (aka Fool’s Gold). The town still celebrates the gold rush with their annual Gold Rush Days in July.
The artificially made Lake Eugenia was created in 1915…

The solitude the two experienced did not last long as word travelled quickly about the wondrous falls Brownlee had found.  Soon, hundreds of men came to steak their claim of gold.  As weeks went on, someone decided to find out how much the gold was actually worth. After returning from Toronto the results were in.  Iron Pyrite, also known as fool’s gold, had everyone wasting their precious time.

Although most miners left, some stayed and settled the village we now know as Eugenia.  In its early days, Eugenia had several mills, a few general stores, a carriage factory, a blacksmith, a shoemaker, as well as a couple carpenters.  Two churches served area residents, along with one schoolhouse. The artificially made Lake Eugenia was created in 1915.  The Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario moved the power plant that was formerly owned by the Georgian Bay Power Company. The newly flooded the area gave the Commission more control over water levels and, subsequently; more power generation.  In the 1950’s Lake Eugenia began to attract cottagers, which resulted in old cabins that were transformed into getaway cottages. And as they say, the rest is history!