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Flesherton was first settled in 1853 by the town’s namesake William Kingston Flesher. Mr. Flesher established a post office, at the intersection of the Toronto-Sydenham and Durham roads, which became the first building in the area. He operated a grist and saw mill on the Boyne River which aided in the development of the community.  Mr. Flesher had the area north of the Toronto-Sydenham Road (known as Artemesia Corners) surveyed into town lots.  Mr. Flesher wore many hats in his town, such as; post master, magistrate, druggist, and occasionally Doctor.  He also was Reeve of Artemesia and Warden of Grey County, and in 1872 was elected (re-elected 1874) Member of Parliament for the riding of East Grey.  The local militia, No. 6 Company of the 31st Grey Regiment was organized September 14, 1866 of which Mr. Flesher became the first Captain.  It was because of his service during the Fenian Raids of 1866, that the town was renamed Flesher’s Corners and then later Flesherton.

It was 1854 when Aaron Munshaw built the infamous Munshaw House (or the first part of it anyways).  After development of the community continued, Mr. Munshaw built a larger Inn which incorporated part of the first building.  This Inn also operated as a stagecoach stop and still stands in its original location to this day. 1912 saw the incorporation of Flesherton as a village.  In 1920, Mr. Flesher’s children donated land in memory of the many local men who were lost during the war, as well as those who survived.  A memorial was erected and the land became known as Flesherton Park. Telephones were first connected October 21, 1891 and by the spring of 1967, dial telephone service was installed.Flesherton was amalgamated with the Township of Artemesia in 1998; in addition   Artemesia was amalgamated with other area townships in 2001.

Famous Fleshertonians include:

  • Agnes Campbell Macphail – the first woman to be elected to the House of Commons in Canada.
  • Chris Neil – NHL Player; plays right wing for the Ottawa Senators; raised on a farm outside Flesherton.