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10th Line, Clarksburg, ON, CA


Clendenan Dam is a hidden gem in Grey County but also a necessary part of the Beaver River. The dam is needed for flood control of the Beaver River and is a part of the Grey Sauble Conservation Area. The dam is used to prevent sheet ice from moving downstream into the Village of Clarksburg. The dam has many trails leading around and up to it and you will find many people fishing in this spot as well as photographers or hikers following the edge of the Beaver River to Marsh Street in Clarksburg.

One of the trails you will find near the dam is the Beaver River Trail, which winds through the woods past a crumbling beautiful building structure. It is fun to step inside the structure and imagine what it could have been! This trail leads to the Clendenan Dam parking lot where you will see the dam and a path leading to the bridge going over top of it. At the top you will see an open view of the Beaver River.

Another beautiful trail you will find is on 10th Line leading up to Clendanen Dam. This trail is home to the old Haines Dam, which was removed in 2016. The trail still leads to an amazing view with a picnic area. From here, you will see the Beaver River making an island in the middle of the river before merging back together again. This is quite a hidden gem to see!

If you want to check out another breath-taking spot of Beaver River, head back up to Clark Street off of 10th Line and turn right back towards the main street of Clarksburg. You will come across Fireman’s Park. Another beautiful view point and rest area for somebody hoping to relax in nature. This park is also connected to the Beaver River Trail.


Map of Clendanen Dam