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Flesherton HillsThe Flesherton Hills Environmental Centre was officially unveiled as an Environmental Centre on April 20, 2007. The area is 100 acres of former farm land that was purchased with the intention to build homes for teachers when Grey Highlands Secondary School was built. Highland Drive by the arena has turned into that housing development. A short walk from downtown this gem of wildlife and education is maintained by John Burton and his students that participate in the Environmental Studies Program at Grey Highlands Secondary School. This program offers students a unique opportunity to move beyond traditional classroom learning and take a more hands on approach, by taking regular field trips. The environmental education centre includes a mix of ponds, a beaver dam, forests, fields, an old orchard, and a picnic pavilion.

While you may think that the Environmental Centre would only be interesting when the weather is warm, even in winter you can see that there is a lot of wildlife active in the area, with birdhouses, and trees stripped of their bark from the porcupines, to the trees that have been cut down by the beavers for their dams.  The area is designated for outdoor studies but I think it is also for outdoor appreciation. This is an amazing opportunity that our local children and community have to learn appreciation for the environment around them and to learn about ecosystems, and local flora and fauna.