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The Meaford HallI have always wanted to be a dancer. This thought was running through my mind over and over again as I sat captivated by the majestic movements on the stage in front of me. The breathtaking performance by Galen Ireland School of Dance in late May was one of the many captivating shows that I have had the privilege to be inspired in downtown Meaford. The Meaford Hall has always held a special place in the heart of people living in or visiting the local area. It serves as a connection between the general public and artists, performers and musicians. With a unique variety of acts all year long, the Hall is a hub of entertainment for the quaint town of Meaford.The line up for summer 2012 is quite promising. With a diverse range of performances and films, the Meaford Hall is definitely the place to be on any given night out. The renowned musical group Lighthouse will fill the hall with classic rock on Wednesday June 13th, followed a week later by the soothing sounds of Suzie Vinnick on Thursday June 21st. This summer, the Hall is also hosting a unique event titled East Coast Music Festival.

The festival will run from July 5th until July 7th and will feature three nights of musical wonders from Eastern Canada. In recent years, I was fortunate enough to witness powerful musical performances by April Wine and Dala at the newly renovated Meaford Hall. Though such acts are vastly different, the Hall proved to be the perfect venue for the rocking sounds of classical rock legends, as well as creating an intimate setting for the stories and music of the folk duo. Apart from the musical performances that will lift the spirits of all in attendance this summer, there is also a great deal of entertainment to be found on screen in upcoming months. Local group Transition Meaford is hosting a documentary series entitled “Films for Thought” that will run every Sunday in June. The thought-provoking screenings will be followed by short discussions after the films. The Meaford Hall is also known for its annual Meaford International Film Festival. Spanning four nights, this festival winds the summer down with four great films and parties from August 31st to September 2nd. This event is a great way to celebrate Labour Day weekend and end the summer with a bang. However, the Meaford Hall offers much more than just what is seen on stage. The galleries are also an exceptional facet of this edifice. The Hall hosts new gallery exhibits each month that are free to the public and showcase an assortment of breathtaking art work. The galleries will host the following exhibits for summer 2012: Third Annual Juried Show from May 28th to June 23rd, Ways of Seeing from June 25th to July 28th and Fine Art Photography from July 31st to September 22nd. The galleries are an excellent way to connect the local population and tourists with intrinsic and captivating art pieces.

From the musical acts taking the stage to the galleries filled with artistic wonders, the Meaford Hall accommodates an immense range of local residents or visitors hoping to spend a night out. The performances, films and art seen in the Meaford Hall are truly captivating and will certainly turn any old night into a memorable occasion.   http://www.meafordhall.ca/