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Welcome to Collingwood, a town with a fascinating history and great entertainment. Collingwood was once an industrial town with connections to all of the Great Lakes and the United States and is now a recreation and retirement playground, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people year around.

This is the best place to find local information about the history of the Town of Collingwood, points of interest and landmarks, activities & things to do in the Collingwood area including outdoor recreation and winter activities, Collingwood area businesses & local services, upcoming events in Collingwood, Collingwood Real Estate and Properties For Sale, and so much more!

If you’re from southern Ontario, chances are you’ve most likely heard “I’m going skiing in Collingwood” and for many decades Collingwood has boasted the best skiing in the province.  However, since the introduction of Intrawest into Blue Mountain in 1999, the Collingwood area has become so much more than skiing and is now considered Ontario’s “Best Four Season Playground”. With the Blue Mountain Resort located close by, Collingwood is one of our most urban areas mixing amenities, shopping and recreation.

As well, Collingwood is also known for its excellent theatre and arts scene.  The Historic Gaytey Theatre has events and shows taking place all of the time and there are many art galleries throughout the town showcases the amazing talent that we have in the area. You can also catch up on all the latest blockbuster hits at the movie theatre in town. Collingwood is also known for having an amazing music scene; with the Collingwood Elvis Festival taking place every July and many artists performing in local restaurants every night of the week.

Collingwood has all the amenities you may need such as grocery stores, banks and post offices, and a hospital.  There are plenty of small businesses such as restaurants, cafes and shops located throughout the town.  With such a variety of locally grown foods, Collingwood offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy local cuisine and even delve into cooking yourself!   Collingwood has a great variety of stores, boutiques, department stores, large supermarkets, cinemas, and fine dining. Collingwood is the perfect option if you want to be a short drive away from the mountain or the bay without sacrificing any convenience.

With such a variety of activities and points of interest, from shopping on the main street, to dining at amazing restaurants, there is so much to do in Collingwood. Add in the amazing local history and the beautiful waterfront, it is clear to see why Collingwood draws people in from near and far to visit and live in!  And it’s only a 2 hour drive from the GTA and Kitchener/Waterloo.