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Welcome to the Beaver Valley, a United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO,) designated area in the Province of Ontario, Canada.  Its un-paralleled beauty begins on the South Shores of Georgian Bay and Hosts sections of the Municipalities of The Blue Mountains, Meaford and Grey Highlands.

A Natural Beauty

One of the things the Beaver Valley is most known for, and that draws people to it the most, is its natural biodiversity and splendor. Home to several conservation areas, hiking trails, rivers, and waterfalls, it offers natural beauty that in turn brings many opportunities for outdoor recreation. A perfect example of this is the 113km section of the Bruce Trail referred to as the Beaver Valley Section. Starting in Blantyre and ending in Craigleith this hiking trail is a prime example of the Beaver Valley’s beauty.  Taking you through one of the most famous and easily spotted points of interest, the Old Baldy Conservation area offers spectacular views of the Niagara Escarpment into the Beaver Valley.  It is truly a wonder to behold, especially in the fall.

Where to see it all

There is nowhere better to view this amazing transformation of colour!  Other beautiful areas great for hiking and appreciating nature include Eugenia Falls, Hogg’s falls, and Webwood Falls, along with many local lookouts such as the Famous John Muir Lookout at the top of the Epping Heights.The Beaver River that winds through the valley is also a draw for kayakers, canoers, and fishermen alike.  Speaking of fishing, Lake Eugenia offers great fishing, boating and swimming. There is lots of fun to be had on the water in the Beaver Valley!  The valley is also a hub for great cycling for its diverse terrain and surrounding scenery.  There are several popular cycling roots that run through the Beaver Valley. Without a doubt, if you love to be outdoors and active you will never be at a loss of activities in the valley.

Winter in the Valley

The winter is also a great time of year in the valley. The Beaver Valley Ski Club provides members and guests with great skiing and snowboarding and is best known for its ski run “Avalanche”, one of the steepest groomed runs in all of Ontario! There is plenty more than just downhill skiing and boarding though. The Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club provides great cross-country skiing at the top of the Valley in partner with the Beaver Valley Ski Club. Snowshoeing is also very popular in the valley with several popular trails in the area that offer great terrain and allow snowshoers to experience the vast nature that surrounds them in the Beaver Valley.  No matter the time of year, outdoor enthusiasts and recreationalists alike will always find something to do here!


Local Amenities

A very short drive to amenities such as grocery stores, banks, post offices, and a hospital, the Beaver Valley also offers lots of convenience. There are plenty of small businesses such as bakeries, restaurants, cafes and shops that dot the valley offering great local foods and products. With such a variety of locally grown foods, the Beaver Valley offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy local cuisine and even delve into cooking yourself! Also close to larger centres such as Collingwood and the Blue Mountains with more stores, boutiques, department stores, large supermarkets, cinemas, and fine dining. The Beaver Valley is the perfect option to enjoy country living and the country lifestyle without sacrificing any convenience.

Art in the Valley

Being surrounded by natural beauty, eclectic and welcoming residents in the valley, it is no wonder that artists flourish in the area.  Local residents and even artists far and wide have been inspired by the Beaver Valley’s splendour creating beautiful masterpieces that everyone can appreciate.  Types of art include glasswork, woodwork, textile handiwork,  paintings done in oil and acrylic, glass beading, and a wide spectrum of photography.

There are lots of boutiques, art studios, and exhibits in the Beaver Valley and surrounding area that awe and inspire all who stop in.

Come and visit!

With such a variety of activities and points of interest, from all season recreation, to art in the area there is so much to do in the Beaver Valley. Add in the amazing beauty that surrounds you in nature and it is clear to see why the Beaver Valley draws people in from near and far to visit and live in!  And it’s only a 2 hour drive from the GTA and 1.5 hours from Kitchener/Waterloo.