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About the Barrhead

Everyone in Grey Highlands and Markdale knows about or has been to the Barrhead at some point, they may even be regulars! This restaurant is a “hidden gem” for many reasons. It may be the team of new friendly staff, the tasty local food selection or the kind hearted owner Jane Field.


Owner of the Barrhead

Jane is a well traveled Markdale local of over 20 years, coming from Big Bay Point. She has paid her dues working in the service industry since the age of 17 and has even won a manager of the year award with a past company. She takes pride in her business and the food they serve – and it shows! She makes every effort to use strictly organic/ locally grown food. The menu is very “simple” but effective in taste with dishes such as fish & chips, burgers, soups, salads and many specials. These specials could include anything from Indian to Italian with options for dietary needs too. Did you know that the pub & grill also has their own “Barrhead” beer?


Barrhead Events

The Barrhead is well known for its big successful events such as St. Patricks’s day and, Jane’s favourite, Halloween. The previous St. Patrick’s day saw a great turnout, with tickets sold out and the entire restaurant filled. This is pretty impressive for a small team of 5-6. Every worker plays a key part in the running of the restaurant while maintaining welcoming positive attitudes. We were very well accommodated during our visit!


Why the Barrhead was closed

With success also comes sacrifice. Jane has sadly dealt with her share of personal hardships in her time working at the Barrhead. Her mother became ill and passed of cancer and Jane found out around that time that her father was not doing as well as she had been lead to believe. Because of this, the Barrhead needed to be closed so that Jane could tend to her father. As time passed, The Barrhead was deeply missed by the community and Jane didn’t want to leave the building sitting empty any longer.  She came back stronger than ever and reopened the restaurant, now juggling her hours and home life. Her father is doing well and living in the comfort of Jane’s Markdale home. We think she has been very successful in this turn over. With the re-opening came some much needed up-keep to the water system and a few lot renovations. Don’t let the outside work being done put you off because the pay-off of the delicious food inside is well worth it.


Is the Barrhead haunted?

We asked Jane about some of the rumours we had heard about the Barrhead building being haunted. She didn’t seem opposed to the stories given that the building dates back over centuries. She even experienced some of the happenings herself. A waitress had reported that she saw a lady in period costume standing in the building as she turned a corner one day. Jane also reported having an important list disappear during renovations only to have it returned to the same spot she thought she had left it once the renovations were complete. She also knows that there is a mysterious spot where the water goes under Grey road 12 near by where there was a man killed a very long time ago. There was a piece of cement found later on with RIP.  She believes the Barrhead and surrounding area may still be inhabited by the spirit, but she is also open to the idea that it may be people playing tricks!

Go see yourself why the Barrhead is such a special restaurant. Try the food and make sure you view the property to see the stunning waterfall and pond. You may meet the two beautiful swans that call the pond home. Stop by when you take a drive through the area or come through on your motorcycle. The Barrhead will be the perfect patio destination this summer! 


Barrhead Pub & Grill Location and Contact

Find the Barrhead located at
735198 West Back Line
Markdale, Ontario N0C1H0.

Phone: 519-986-3333
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Barrhead-Pub-Grill-118069354921329/


Photos of the Barrhead Pub & Grill