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Blackbird Pie Company


In the heart of the beautiful Beaver Valley in the hamlet of Heathcote, follow your nose to the smell of freshly baked pies and treats and you’ll find the delightfully charming Blackbird Pie Company. This bakery has been a local staple in Heathcote for years and continues to grow in popularity every day. Offering a selection of sweet and savory pies and tons of treats along with soups, sandwiches and entrees all made from scratch, this bakery is definitely a local favourite.

 Owners Michelle and Paul moved from Toronto to the Beaver Valley area in the late 80’s and decided to buy the business ten years ago. The couple had previously been working in the food industry in area golf and ski clubs and restaurants, but they wanted a place of their own. They explained to me that they really wanted the experience of running a family business that allowed them to be a part of the community.

 The bakery was originally opened about seventeen years ago. Since taking ownership Michelle and Paul have made several changes including changing the name, the labeling and adding extra products over the past few years. The two owners explained to me that they love being a busy little industry bakery in a small town because of the locals who make the experience especially special.

 Being on the apple pie trail, it is quite obvious that the Blackbird Pie Company is well known for their apple pie & apple muffins. Michelle also adds that in the spring they make tons of butter tarts too to kick off their warmer season. However, they are also very well known for their cakes, cookies, sandwiches, and soups. And to make it as convenient for you as possible, you can get their pies already baked or you can take them home frozen and bake them whenever you would like! There are also many entrees available for you to take home to enjoy. The couple also strives to use local products such as apples and strawberries as much as they can during the seasons that they are available. So whenever you pick up a delectable treat from the Blackbird Pie Company you can feel good knowing you are supporting not only local baking but growing too. Moreover, everything that they don’t make in the bakery is still local products from other businesses in the area. One of our favourites sold in the store is Uncle Richard’s Maple Syrup!

 When I asked the owners what they were most proud of, Michelle responded “I think we make a great quality product. We’ve got great people to work with everyday’…’we wanted a business that makes a great product that we could stand behind and show off!”

I mentioned earlier that the Blackbird Pie Company is a favourite for locals, but many people drive from all over the map to stock up on the great variety of products made from scratch with local grown foods.  In fact, while Kirsten and I were there a man told us that he drove all the way to Heathcote from Mississauga because he had heard so many great things about the Blackbird Pie Company’s phenomenal pies! He said to the owners “even though you guys are like’… ‘hours away I don’t buy my pies from Wal-Mart!” Aren’t we lucky to have this bakery right in our backyard!

 Although their busiest season is from May to October, you can visit the Blackbird Pie Company throughout the whole year in the little town of Heathcote in the Beaver Valley.

 If you’re going to be driving through Kimberley after your stop in the bakery you can stop into the Sea & Ski office… we would be happy to share some of your pie with you if you can’t finish it all! That however is pretty unlikely; you are going to want to eat up every single scrumptious bite and we can’t blame you!  

108 Main St, Heathcote, ON N0H 1N0