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Chapmans Ice CreamFor so long, three huge companies conquered the ice cream market with their great tasting treats that people fell in love with. That is until David and Penny Chapman came along and bought the Markdale Creamery. Their dream was to produce a quality product at affordable prices. Boy did they ever reach their goal!

In 1973 the Chapman’s started out with only four employees, two trucks and a very small creamery. Even though the much larger companies were taking out a lot of smaller businesses, David and Penny held on strong and wouldn’t let anything or anyone stand in their way. Over the next few years, Chapman’s slowly grew and by the early 90’s, became a well known company. Their distribution is now national and they are known as one of the greatest ice cream companies in the country.

Over the years, Chapman’s came up with many different flavours that would grab people’s attention. And they did that successfully. They also incorporated lines such as Peanut /Nut Free, No Sugar Added, and Lactose Free.  These specialty products are important to them as they want EVERYONE to be able to enjoy their products.

Chapmans Ice CreamOn September 4th, 2009 a fire devastated the Chapman’s production facility. However, no time was wasted in starting to plan their rebuild as the Chapman’s wanted to continue to support the local economy and their 350 employees.

Despite losing the production facility, they still had two separate facilities that were still fully operational: the 65,000 sq/ft dry warehouse and 150,000 sq/ft distribution centre that was still full of ice cream. They then decided that the dry warehouse was the best building in the area to start production again, and within 7 weeks of the fire they had produced their first 2L brick of ice cream. After a year and a half of  tireless hard work from the community and Chapman’s the new production facility (appropriately named Pheonix) was rebuilt bigger and better than ever!

Today, Chapman’s is the largest independent ice cream company in Canada, and still owned and operated by the Chapman’s family in our very own town of Markdale.

Check out their website: http://www.chapmans.ca/