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Coffin Ridge WineryWhen people think of a vineyard, they may picture rows of vines growing on the rolling hills of Tuscany, or a sunny, seaside vineyard of California. Most people don’t picture “Grey County” right away when the word” vineyard” is mentioned. But it turns out, our beautiful area is the perfect place to grow grapes for wine. Located on the outskirts of Owen Sound in Annan, Coffin Ridge has beautiful views of Georgian Bay. The history of Coffin Ridge is fascinating and has helped them to create their unique products.Neil and Gwen Lemont moved to the Coffin Ridge property in 1999. When Neil planted five acres of grapes in 2001, Gwen assumed that it would be just a hobby because there was no chance of the grapes surviving the harsh winter. However, she was wrong and now, years later, their vineyard is one of the best in this area. Coffin Ridge gets its name from a legend that was told in the 1880s. According to the legend, there was a funeral that took place on the top of the hill across from the vineyard. After the service, they put the coffin in a wagon to head to the cemetery. But, the horse pulling the wagon got spooked by something (presumably a ghost), causing the coffin to fall off the wagon and roll down the ridge.

This legend influenced the name of the winery and also helped contribute to the brand of Coffin Ridge; all of the wines have names that reflect the legend and tasting room’s ambience is both spooky and welcoming. Coffin Ridge started producing wine in 2006 and over the years, the vineyard has expanded to over 25 acres. They currently make eight different types of wines and in 2008, they started to make hard apple cider as well. In addition to their wines, Coffin Ridge has been known to throw together some great events. One of their most popular events, Three Pigs, One Chef and a Lamb, gives party-goers a great experience with some amazing music, food and drink. In the past, Coffin Ridge has also held book talks with Canadian authors and winter snowshoeing around the vineyard.Coffin Ridge’s vineyard and tasting room are open year round. Hours of operation vary throughout the year but, no appointments are needed. For more information about Coffin Ridge and their products, check out www.coffinridge.ca