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It was back in 1890 that William Hogg had the brilliant idea to harness the power of the Beaver River for electricity generation.This small mill generated about 70 kw which serviced the hamlet of Flesherton, as well as the village of Eugenia. In 1905 the Georgian Bay Power Company bought out William Hogg and rebuilt his small mill. After plans for larger development fell through, the Hydro-Electric Power Commission purchased both the electric station, as well as surrounding land, and by 1915 a newly located generation station was built. 

This hydro electric station was officially opened on November 18, 1915 by Sir Adam Beck who was the Hydro-Electric Power Commission’s first Chairman.  Most notably, the Eugenia station has the highest head of all hydraulic stations.

In order to have greater control over water levels, land was flooded which in turn created Lake Eugenia.  Today the Eugenia Hydro Power Station produces 3500 kilowatts of electricity to help feed Ontario’s energy consumption.