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Justin’s Oven Patio has become a hit for the incredible Friday night pizzas, and the business is growing with more items being added to the menu. Justin Howe, a local chef, is bringing delicious pizzas and more to the heart Beaver Valley from his wood-fired oven in Kimberley. No matter the season, the patio is the place to stop for hikers, cyclists, skiers, and snowshoers alike for great takeout pizzas and soon different local and organic fresh meats, vegetables, salads, and pasta. The establishment is seasonally run with takeout meals throughout the winter and takeout and sit-down meals on the patio in the summer months. Justin tells us that he strives for a friendly and welcoming atmosphere filled with fresh and organic foods while keeping prices affordable: “I want to provide a place where people can eat and feel good without emptying their pockets”.

About the Owner

Justin started in the food industry at a very young age. He started cooking at fourteen years old and had a job washing dishes at a restaurant in his hometown of Creemore. He then moved up the ‘food-chain’ starting to help with prep along with appetizers and salads. After that, he moved out west at eighteen and worked different jobs until he was twenty. Justin then moved to Montreal and worked in kitchens that’s when he realized that this was his passion. He has since worked in different areas as a chef and doing his own catering but was drawn to the Beaver Valley for his wife Stacie who owns the Kimberley General Store. The couple bought the property that the patio now sits on which used to be a 1920s house. They then renovated the house to become the public patio and kitchen that Justin will be running his wood-fired oven foods. Justin did not think that this is where he would end up, but now that he and his wife have settled in Kimberley he says “I could never leave; Kimberley is awesome!”.

A Truly Local Business

Justin’s Oven started with encouragements from Justin’s wife Stacie as well as incredible support from local residents: “without them, I wouldn’t have anything” Justin says. He believes that it is this area and its people that have been the key to all of his success. He has received all of the ingredients he uses in his foods from other locals. He keeps his products fresh and very local; the beef he uses comes from a farmer in Markdale, and the chicken from a farmer just outside of Priceville. However, it is not only the clientele from the area that has helped his establishment but the area itself which is one of Justin’s favourite parts of having his business in the Beaver Valley. The Kimberley trail, Beaver River, and the scenery are fantastic making it easy to always find something to do close to home which has definitely helped to build a customer base for Justin’s Oven. Justin believes that as a local business owner that he is part of a team helping the community, he says that he has received so much support that he will undoubtedly work hard to be a contributing member of the community to help give back as well. “I have never been in a community like this in my life with so much support,” Justin says “this location made my business, I can’t see it anywhere else”.

A Growing Business

Now that the couple has set their roots in the Beaver Valley they are starting to grow in their businesses. Justin’s Oven Patio will now be open Thursday – Saturday evenings, and Sunday mornings for brunch. Expanding to meet high customer demand! Along with the new hours, Justin’s Oven is now also serving takeout and sit down meals on Fridays and Saturdays that will include various meats, salads, and pasta as well, all working with the theme of the wood-fired oven. They are now a fully licensed business, for those hoping to enjoy a patio drink in the warmer weather.

Future Plans

Justin has big plans for the business as he continues to grow and would like to get some heaters put in the patio for everyone to continue to emjoy the patio in the wintertime. He also tells me that once the business is more established he really wants to give back to the community. He has plans to introduce a one night a month event and have all proceeds from the night go back into helping the community.  “I’ve got to give back” Justin says to us. He would like to use his business’ success to help families that cannot afford to eat or heat their house, and all proceeds would go to a cause like this or would go to some great local animal shelters as he cares deeply about animals. As the business ventures on Justin says that his major goal is to grow while keeping the quality at 110%, and from what we can tell this business will not do anything less.

Justin’s Oven’s pizzas are already a hit and we are confident that everyone is anxiously awaiting all of chef Justin’s future plans to grow and better his business. There are undoubtedly lots of great things coming in the heart of the Beaver Valley in Kimberley at Justin’s Oven, do not miss out and go dine with them today!

Justin’s Oven Location & Contact

Please call to reserve a table or place your take-out order. Now licensed!

235304 Grey Road 13, Box 133,
Kimberley, ON, 1G0

Phone: 705.220.1674
Email: justinsoven@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justinsoven/