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Kimberley General StoreThe Kimberley general store is a welcoming building that houses all kinds of curiosities; from kids toys to specialty grocery items. Their main source of advertising comes from word of mouth, and store owner Stacie Constantine cites the support of the local community as a big factor in making her business a success.  Stacie tells me that her daily inspiration comes from the people who interact within the walls of her store. She describes her vision of the business as a public space where people can connect in random exchanges with each other. The inside of the general store is packed floor to ceiling with a diverse mix of products. By the back of the store is a small kitchenette where the soups and sandwiches are made fresh out of local ingredients. There is also a large collection of used books to browse through as well as fridges full of farm fresh produce and a few shelves of dried goods. In the back of the store there is a room full of freshly grown sprouts all ready to be sold or shipped off to one of the local businesses.

Stacie recalls when she first fell in love with the store. It was for sale in 2009 and she put an offer in completely spur of the moment; knowing that night that she wanted to return the building to its former glory as a general store. After that, everything just came together for, it was a good mix of all the things that Stacie had previously done which collaborated all of her skills and talents together really well. Looking back, Stacy confides that the only thing she would change is owning chickens, which were really demanding on top of everything else when starting the business. The Kimberly general store was the recipient of an award for the best general store in Ontario. Although Stacie has gotten that far she is continuously working in improving her business by having good people around and working from their suggestions. In the future she dreams of being able to expand her business to include a more family focused area as well as space for group gatherings and community events. Stacie fell in love with this location for its beauty, and because it was “rural but not lonely” she welcomed the community with an open heart and was welcomed with open arms as a result. Overall it seems as though it has been a rewarding journey for her, and by the glimmer in her eyes I can tell that the adventures aren’t over yet!

The Kimberley General Store is a proud distributor of local products from businesses in the area.  One of our favourites is Uncle Richards Maple Syrup.