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After a hot day exploring the great outdoors, there is nothing quite like relaxing by a nice fire with friends and family – on a cool night made even better with a nice cup of hot chocolate with delicious marshmallows on top. If you want to take your hot cocoa to the next level this season, we’ve got the business for you. Sarah McNulty Comrie is the owner of “Marsh Street Sweets” – in which she makes homemade marshmallows!


Based out of Clarksburg, Sarah started Marsh Street Sweets 3 years ago selling her handmade marshmallow creations at local farmers markets. Since then she has kept building her business and is opening up Grey and Bruce to a whole new world of marshmallows. On the Grey County Tourism FAM Tour, we got a chance to try 4 different kinds of Sarah’s marshmallows: coconut, cotton candy, chocolate, and vanilla bean. They were all absolutely delicious and if you could not already tell by the flavours, very different from your regular store bought marshmallow (and way better!). After taste testing the flavoured marshmallows, Sarah helped us make s’mores with some of her homemade marshmallows and a Belgian chocolate ganache. Even though they were messy, every ooey-gooey bite was scrumptious!

Where to find them:

This past year she started cooking in a commercial kitchen which means she can now sell at retail. You can find Sarah’s marshmallows at the Thornbury Cheese Gallery and at the Collingwood Winter Farmer’s Market.
In the summer you can find them at several local farmer’s markets and you can ask for some Marsh Street Sweets marshmallows on your ice cream at Pom Pom Treat Hut!

So this winter season, be sure to add some of Marsh Street Sweets’ marshmallows to your hot chocolate to instantly make it a million times better. Maybe even toast some of your own s’mores on while you sit by that fire! There are endless tasty possibilities!


Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to find out more about them: @MarshStreetSweets

Photos of Marsh Street Sweets