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The Chatsworth Cafe is a staple in Chatsworth that has been there as long as anyone can remember, and with a history like that it is clearly worth making a trip! From morning to night there is always great food to be had. Enjoy all day breakfast specials, homemade soups and sandwiches, burgers, pizza, chicken wings, and more. Open seven days a week, the Chatty Cafe is always there for a great meal with friends and family from a restaurant that makes you feel like family. For a hearty meal made from the heart with the tastes of home, Sherry’s is the place to go.

The cafe has been through a lot of changes in its history and has long ties in Chatsworth, which Sherry can attest to. Sherry moved to a farm in Chatsworth at age five and has seen the cafe in many different lights. It has always been a cafe, but has had many different ‘side businesses’ that have been attached to it. Sherry tells me that over the years it sold farm equipment, insurance, and bus tickets when it was a bus stop. Throughout all of these changes the cafe stayed strong and constant, and was also the gateway that got Sherry into the restaurant business. At the age of twelve Sherry got a job washing dishes and cleaning at the Chatty Cafe, and with the love of food and cooking she got from her grandmother, Sherry fell in love with the food industry.

Earlier in her career, Sherry ran the Chatsworth gas station and attached restaurant, but found that the location was too small. She then began looking at a few different buildings that were on the market to grow her business. She took possession of the Chatty Cafe in 1998 and that was just the beginning of Sherry’s venture with the cafe. Since taking possession, she has done renovations to the building from the ground up. The flooring, windows, and bar area have all been redone. She says that when she first bought the building even the pipes and plumbing were visible in the ceiling and all of the walls were different colours, though you would never know it now! Recently the restaurant has extended its hours to serve dinner as well and has gotten a liquor license. Sherry tells me that there were roadblocks in the process and in being a single mother it has been a long journey to get to where she is today, but it has been very rewarding. “When I was twelve working here I never would have thought that one day this place would be mine,” she says, “but now it is my life”.

Having had the Chatsworth Cafe for the last eighteen years, Sherry has very close ties in Chatsworth and with the community. In our society and economy it is becoming rarer and rarer to see a small local business last as long as the cafe has. “It has been a long road to get here, and it is the support from the locals that has kept it going” says Sherry. She is now the longest lasting restaurant in Chatsworth and she says that it is the community’s support that she has to thank for her success. She has lived in Chatsworth for almost her entire life and says that her favourite part about having her business there is the community: “I know everyone, and everyone is like family. It is such a close community with so much support”. She of course also thanks her son Jeff for all that he does to help in running the pizza and so much more. She says she could not do it without him! It is obvious that she has her passion to thank for her success as well, she has had long ties with the cafe since childhood and it has been her life for the last eighteen years. I can tell just talking with her that there is no one who has as much love and zeal for their business as Sherry and it is what has fueled this business venture.

After such a long journey with the cafe Sherry says that there is still more she would like to do. She would like to redo the kitchen and backroom of the building and do some more work to freshen up the outside of the building. Once she has finished this work she is thinking that she would like to sell the business one day. She has had the cafe for the last eighteen years and would like to slow down in the future. It will be sad to see Sherry go when that time comes, but we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this small town gem.

Until then, Sherry is providing the perfect place for a good home cooked meal. The atmosphere is homey and welcoming with old fashioned meals that remind you of something your grandmother may have made you. “I’m not here to make a killing,” says Sherry “I’m here to serve a purpose and to provide for the community. This is somewhere you can go anytime, not just afford once a week and you can feel good about eating it”. If you are a lover of good home-style foods then Sherry’s  Chatsworth Cafe should definitely be your next stop, and I am sure you will be a regular soon enough!