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90 King St E, Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0


It’s hard to capture the essence of a place in food or drink, but the Thornbury Village Cidery has taken on that challenge and succeeded. Their award-winning Thornbury Premium Apple Cider is made from local apples and perfectly emulates the area in drink form.

Doug Johnson, the cider maker at Thornbury Village Cidery, has had over 20 years of experience with various types of fermentation, especially with apples. He prides himself on the products that he has created and loves hearing feedback from customers. He made one of his first batches of Thornbury cider in 2008.  The Thornbury Village Cidery officially started producing at their building on Highway 26 in 2010 and started producing Thornbury Premium Cider in 2011, after the Beer Barons took over the business. This past spring, Colio Estate Wines purchased Thornbury Village Cidery and their partnership will lead to many developments for the business.

In order to get the Thornbury Premium Cider to taste as good as it does, it has to go through an extensive process before it can be sold in the stores. The cider is made up of 100% locally grown apples and has a combination of over 26 apple varieties. In order to get the perfect flavour, Thornbury Premium Cider is only made in small batches. The raw juice from the apples is transported from a local juicer and is placed into small fermentation tanks, where they add ingredients to start the fermenting process. After a month, the fermented juice is moved to holding tanks, where they sit for another month or so. Right before the cider is bottled or canned, fresh pressed juice is added to the cider to give it its unique flavour.

The Thornbury Premium Apple Cider is described as an English Cider, making it dry, crisp and refreshing.  The cider has a fresh apple aroma and flavour and is best served chilled, with or without ice. Since the cider is made out of 100% fresh pressed apples, it is great for those with vegan or gluten-free diets.
When compared to other ciders, Thornbury Premium Apple Cider blows them out of the water. This cider has won numerous awards at local, provincial and national competitions. Most recently, it won gold at the OFVC Cider competition for best “Common Cider”.

Thanks to Colio Estate Wines, Thornbury Village Cidery has opened a tasting room and retail store at their production factory in Thornbury. Due to the Alcohol and Gambling Commission of Ontario’s regulations, a cidery or vineyard must grow at least five acres of apples or grapes on the property that the cider or wine is produced if they would like to have a retail store. Since there were no apples grown on the property that the Thornbury Village Cidery sits on, they were unable to sell their product out of the factory. However, since Colio Estate Wines has a license that permits selling products at facilities without growing at least the five acres of fruit onsite, Thornbury Village Cidery will be able to sell their products at their facility. This is such exciting news and locals and visitors alike have enjoyed being able to sample and purchase the cider at the factory.

The Thornbury Village Cidery Factory is located at 90 King St. E. in Thornbury on Highway 26. Thornbury Premium Apple Cider is available at over 500 LCBO locations as well as at select Colio Estate Wine locations. For more information about the company, check out their website at www.thornburycraft.com.

Photos of The Thornbury Village Cidery