94 N Sykes St, Meaford, ON N4L 1N8


The Leeky Canoe is a family-friendly, affordable full-service restaurant with a wide variety of foods to satisfy everyone’s unique taste buds. Leeky is a laid back, fun place to come and enjoy a delicious meal. It is obvious to many how this legendary restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants still running in Meaford. Due to their expertise in the kitchen, and their kind staff Leeky welcomes many regulars and newcomers on a daily basis.

We sat down with one of the owners Sean and spoke to him about how he became the owner of Leeky. Sean began working with the two original owners of the Leeky Canoe at a different restaurant in Wasaga Beach until the original owners decided to move it to Meaford in 1999. Sean bought the business off the original owners in 2005.

Sean’s passion for the restaurant as the owner and head chef is in the Kitchen. He also values and recognizes the importance of good customer service and he and the rest of his team works hard to achieve this goal!

On February 1st Sean and his wife Michelle who co-owns the restaurant with him decided to renovate the bar and the flooring. They also found it in the restaurants best interest to open up the division in between the dining room and the bar and they added a banquette in the dining room all in a week making it one of the nicer restaurants in the area!

Sean filled us in that the separation wall in between the bar and dining room in 1999 was used and closed off with a door because it was a smoking section. By opening it up it allows the room to flow continuously with the front room and also lets people sit back in the dining room allowing them to not be super involved with the music, but so they can still at least hear it.

Many regulars came the day before the bar was demoed to sign their names on it to say farewell to a bar that held so many fond memories. On Thursdays, they host a very successful open mic/jam night. In the winter it is held from 8-11, and in the summer it is held from 9-12. They also have a paid musician every Saturday night and they start around the same time 8-11, or 9-12.

The two have contemplated the idea of expanding to an alternate location. Something similar to Meaford, that has a smaller community with perhaps not as many box stores so they are able to have more space for customers. The two love the area and explained their love for Collingwood to Tobermory.

Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLeekyCanoe/


Photos of The Leeky Canoe

Map of The Leeky Canoe