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beaver valley fall fair goatWhen I was growing up, I always remember wanting the first week of school to end. It wasn’t because I hated school or the fact that summer was over, it was because in Thornbury, the first weekend after Labour Day and the weekend after the first week of school was the annual Beaver Valley Fall Fair. Spending my weekend at the fall fair was always a highlight of my childhood and I still enjoy attending it now.The Beaver Valley Fall Fair started over 143 years ago, in 1870. Since then, the fall fair has become a favourite com

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munity event and it continues to grow every year. Even though the weather was not the greatest this year, many attended the event and had fun throughout the day.


All day long there was excellent entertainment and excitement going on at the fair. There was a live band playing outside, keeping the spirits high even when the weather was dreary. Elephant Thoughts brought many cool, science filled activities for young and old to try. There was also many booths from local business with activities for everyone to take part in. Throughout the community centre and arena there were also many exhibits featuring everything from flowers and produce to art work and baked goods.

beaver valley fall fair funThe morning began with a pet show, where participants were encouraged to bring their pets and enter in contests such as “Which Owner and Pet Look Most Alike” or “Best Trick” plus other crazy categories. There was a huge range of pets and they all walked away with prizes. Also in the morning was the 4-H Sheep Club’s Annual Achievement Competition. During this competition, 4-H sheep club members were tested on their ability to show their sheep as well as how well the sheep was kept and looked. However, there was also many other animals around.At lunch time there was a whole bunch of activities going on. Rosie’s Chip Wagon was open and it seemed like

beaver valley fall fair signeveryone was buying fresh cut fries for lunch. Galen Ireland’s Competition Dance Team was performing many of their award winning dances and everyone was fascinated with their moves. The ambassadors of the fair ran an apple peeling contest to see who could peel the longest apple peel. Once all of these events were done, the annual tractor pull took place. This competition tested who could peddle the farthest on a mini tractor with weights weighing it down. Everyone enjoyed the fun activities going on, however at 3 o’clock it was time to start packing up the exhibits, but don’t worry there was still more fun to be had! At 5 p.m., the 4-H club held their annual BBQ, where over 200 people came to eat the delicious food they prepared. While we were eating all the turkey, barbequed pork, salads, corn, potatoes, and vegetables we could, we were provided with excellent entertainment from children and teens that entered in the talent competition. So after seeing all the amazing acts, it was time to go home. The fall fair is a great family-friendly event in our community and it’s all thanks to the volunteers who work so hard to make this weekend possible. So this time next year, remember that the Beaver Valley Fall Fair is on its way and that there’s always fun to be had at the fair.