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Every month we are asking a friendly Georgian Bay / Beaver Valley / Grey Highlands / Chatsworth face 20 questions about their life in the area. Meet Kelly Kinghan

KellyOccupation: Sales Representative and Marketing Specialist at Sea & Ski

Bio:  Kelly was born in Meaford and raised locally. She graduated high school in Burlington, ON and went on to attend the York University Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in Toronto. After getting a taste of the hustle and bustle of city life, she decided to come back to the area so that she could live the lifestyle that she was both accustomed to and desired.

1) Where in the area do I call home? Village of Chatsworth

2) Cottager or Resident? Resident

3) I cannot go a day without: Walking outside in nature

4) Favourite spot to adventure in the area is: the Beaver Valley (Beaver River, Bruce Trail, Escarpment, Forests)

5) Go to stop for ice cream is: Fire & Ice in Markdale

6) Favourite area festival or fair: Holstein non-motorized Santa Claus Parade

7) Best coffee in the area is at: Fire & Ice in Markdale 

8) My favourite store/shop in the area is: Farmacology by Sunrise Organics, a seasonal roadside veggie stand on Hwy 26 between Meaford and Owen Sound

9) Between hiking, canoeing, swimming, and cycling I would rather: Hiking and canoeing

10) My favourite ski run in the area is: Roller Coaster at the Beaver Valley Ski Club

11) Favourite place to grab brunch is: Sherry’s Chatsworth Cafe

12) Favourite Season is: Fall, I love all the colours and cooler temperatures

13) My favourite spot to get a fresh apple pie is: Blackbird Pie Company in Heathcote

14) Between a Ski Chalet and Summer cottage I would rather have: Summer Cottage

15) My favourite restaurant in the area is: Andrew’s Roots in Meaford 

16) My ideal summer day in the area would be: Brunch at the Flying Spatula, followed by a hike at the top of Old Baldy and then a swim in Lake Eugenia

17) Visitors must see: The view from the top of Old Baldy over the Beaver Valley

18) My favourite waterfall in the area is: Webwood Falls

19) My ideal night in the area is: Dinner at Andrew’s Roots in Meaford followed by a walk along the Harbour to watch the sunset

20) I love the area because: There is so much outdoors to see and do all year round