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Every month we are asking a friendly Georgian Bay / Beaver Valley / Grey Highlands / Chatsworth face 20 questions about their life in the area.

Meet Monica Wolf!

Occupation: Self Employed

Bio: Monica Wolf is a self employed entrepreneur who has been a farrier for 23 years and has owned Ravenna Country Market with Roy Genoe for 7 years. She may answer Ravenna Country Market for a lot of these questions, but who can blame her!

smiling lady inside a store1) Where in the area do I call home? Metcalfe Rock area

2) Cottager or Resident? Full time resident since 1998

3) I cannot go a day without: Talking to my kids

4) Favourite spot to adventure in the area is: Kolapore/ 3 Stages

5) Go to stop for ice cream is: Ravenna Country Market of course!

6) Favourite area festival or fair: I don’t have one

7) Best coffee in the area is at: Ravenna Country Market!

8) My favourite store/shop in the area is: Kamikaze Bikes

9) Between hiking, canoeing, swimming, and cycling I would rather: Cycle

10) My favourite ski run in the area is: Don’t have a favourite ski run, enjoy most of them

11) Favourite place to grab brunch: I don’t go for brunch…

12) Favourite Season is: Spring – everything is coming to life, days are getting longer and warmer

store front of Ravenna Country Market 13) My favourite spot to get a fresh apple pie is: Ravenna Country Market

14) Between a Ski Chalet and Summer cottage I would rather have: A ski chalet on the side of the hill – ski in, ski out!

15) My favourite restaurant in the area is: Ted’s Range Road Diner for sure!

16) My ideal summer day in the area would be: A mix of riding my horse, riding my mountain bike, a quick dip in the bay, going for a great meal and a glass of wine!

17) Visitors must see: The Beaver Valley, hike Old Baldy and enjoy the spectacular views!

18) My favourite waterfall in the area is: I don’t have one

19) My ideal night in the area is: I am such an outdoorsy person it would need to be watching a live outdoor show, going for an evening swim/ perhaps mountain biking with night lights and ending with a great meal

20) I love the area because: It offers all the outdoor activities which I am passionate about and is full of people with the same passions