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For Denise and Daryl, the move to Kimberley was a complete fluke. But this fortunate coincidence has drastically changed their lives and opened up doors of possibilities for the happy couple.

Their family has visited their trailer on Erin Lake for the past nine years, which acquainted them with this area as they experienced the vast scenery on the way to their weekend voyages. Denise describes their decision to move to the Kimberley area as an absolute accident as they had no intention of relocating from their urban life in Brampton so quickly.

Upon stumbling on the property that they now call home on the Sea and Ski Realty Ltd. Brokerage website, the couple immediately fell in love. Denise spoke of the hilarity of the situation as they were standing outside the house in the rain contacting Sales Representative Russ Severnuk to show them around the house. In mere minutes, Russ arrived to cure their curiosity and in only one week, Denise and Daryl were owners of a beautiful home on Grey Road 13. Denise describes the picturesque view as the decisive factor in buying their home. “After going up to the loft and looking at the view…[where we] can see the hill going up to Meaford, we can see Talisman and Beaver Valley, that is what sold us.” Without looking for it, they found their paradise.

When discussing the transition between the many years living in a city to the calm rural lifestyle they began nine years ago, Denise is confident in stating that their life has dramatically improved since moving to this area and that “I can honestly say…I wouldn’t move back to the city.”

Among the many unique aspects that have allowed them to enjoy their residency in Kimberley, the four defined seasons have provided them with a variety of outdoor activities to embrace. The couple was delightfully surprised to discover their proximity to the Bruce Trail. Denise expressed that “I knew of the Bruce Trail, but I had no idea it was literally in my backyard.” The couple now enjoys hiking with their son and daughter on the many trails close to their home.

On an average weekend during winter months, Denise and Daryl enjoy being with friends, snowshoeing or staying in next to the fire. Although Denise admits that “in the city our winters are nothing like here, so that was a rude awakening…[but now] I would much rather see snow in the winter than ugly grass in the city.”

In the summer, they venture to the trailer for a weekend retreat. Though this aspect of their life remained the same in both their urban and rural residences, the drive is now only an hour without traffic whereas it was two to three hours to get out of the city before. When asked what her favourite part of living in this area is, Denise responded that “if anything it is the traffic. I love going from here to Markdale and not hitting a traffic light.”

Denise entered retirement when they relocated to the area and has had no trouble filling her days. In fact, she commented that her “lifestyle in regard to social activities has improved greatly…since I moved up here I have a cast array of interest and hobbies.” She enjoys outdoor and indoor activities, such as: hiking, biking, scrap booking and knitting. Denise has become apart of many social groups in the area and has developed strong friendships with many people in the area.

Among the many social activities that Denise and Daryl enjoy, they are delighted by the festivals nearby, exquisite

restaurants, and the proximity to neighbouring towns full of shopping boutiques.

To completely encapsulate the couple’s energy towards the life they have created here, I asked them what they love about this area. Without hesitation, Denise responded “My question would be to you, what is there not to love?” They are smitten by the open air and expansive view from their home, which has consequently made them feel congested and claustrophobic when they experience traffic on the way to the city or visit friends living in tight quarters as they once did.

From hiking to snowshoeing, crafting to dinner parties, and everything in between, Denise and Daryl have nested in an area that fills their lives with absolute joy and happiness.