The Blue Mountains, ON N0H 1J0

Located in Duncan Escarpment Provincial Park just off of Side Road 9 you will find the hidden gem, Duncan Caves, a 6.5 mile trafficked loop trail that features beautiful wild flowers and stunning views of the escarpment. This crevice was formed from large rock that broke away from the main face of the Niagara Escarpment. This occurred because of the seasonal extremes in temperature and the forces of gravity. The parking lot isn’t as easy to find as Eugenia Falls is but once we did find it we were able to begin our adventure.

The trail is accessible year round, however we chose to hike up there in the fall to experience the beautiful changing colours of the leaves and to feel the warm sun beam on our faces. For new hikers, this trail may be a little difficult as you have to make sure you follow the signs closely or you will walk right past the hidden caves… I know that’s what I did. Luckily my brother tagged along for the hike and spotted it or else I would have been doing circles, perhaps sending smoke signals to get rescued because I almost got us lost.

Photos of Duncan Caves

Map of Duncan Caves