Municipality of Grey Highlands South of Markdale, Ontario


Irish Lake is a 65 acre lake located in the Municipality of Grey Highlands South of Markdale, Ontario. This non-motorized lake has approximately 50 cottages surrounding it. With a maximum depth of 20 feet, there are many types of fish in this lake such as Brook Trout, Rock Bass, Pumpkinseed, and Small Mouth Bass. Irish Lake is also one of the few lakes in Ontario that has been stocked with Rainbow Trout.

In 1881 Father P.J. Cassin, who was the first resident priest in the district, chose to build a retreat on Irish Lake. “The Brick” it’s called locally, still stands today. In 1882 Sir John A. MacDonald then the Prime Minister of Canada attended a parish picnic that was held at Irish Lake. The early farmers in the Irish Lake district were Irish Catholics, which is possibly the origin of the name. There were also many Scotch Catholics that lived in the neighboring Glenelg Township which caused the normal rivalry between the Irish and Scottish.

Today, Irish Lake is a quiet, secluded spot for anyone looking for that place to get away from it all.

7 Inland Lakes of Grey County Market Report

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Each year we compile a variety of real estate statistics for our surrounding lakes. Since Grey County is such a recreational area, sought after for the beauty of our lakes and outdoor recreational activities, we like to keep track of the growth in our area. You can view the Market Reports below that break down the numbers we have collected.

Photos of Irish Lake

Map of Irish Lake