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Buyers' Guide


Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

If you own a waterfront property on Lake Eugenia you will be required to obtain a Waterfront License from Ontario Power Generation (OPG). OPG owns the 3 feet of property from the water onto the land around the entire lake. The Waterfront License provides residential...

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Is it time to move up?

Chances are when you bought your first home you were thinking of it as a "starter home" and dreamed of owning a larger and better home one day. With today’s mortgage rates in the lowest range they’ve been for almost 30 years, you might be pleasantly surprised that you...

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 Insurance requirements are constantly changing, and this is just one more change of many. Insurance claims remaining with both Sellers and Buyers is old news, but insurance claims now remain with properties as well. Insurance companies have access to a central...

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Finding the Right Neighbourhood

When buying a home, the neighbourhood you select will not only play a pivotal role in your family’s life, but in the resale value of the property.  One person’s ideal neighbourhood however may vary greatly from another’s. But, regardless, there are some needs and...

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