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Sellers' Guide


Planning The Move

There's little doubt that Canadians are on the move. Whether moving from an apartment to a home, apartment to apartment or home to home, moving is no simple matter. With careful planning, however, your transition can be facilitated in an organized and efficient...

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Preparing for an Open House

How to prepare for an open house Getting the maximum exposure possible is a key part of any home sale. That’s why it pays to sell your home with the help of a Realtor through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). MLS provides details of your home to all real estate...

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The Listing Agreement

Your home is probably the largest asset you will ever sell and you want to be sure you do it right. Selling your home is a complicated transaction involving many legal forms and procedures. Having a Realtor on your side will ensure the sale of your home goes smoothly....

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Is Now A Good Time To Sell?

Thinking of selling your home but not sure if now is the "right time?" Talk to a REALTOR® for sound advice on when to sell your home in the least amount of time for the best possible price. First a REALTOR® will help you examine your reasons for wanting to sell. The...

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Tips To Prepare Your House For Sale

When you are ready to sell your house you’ll want to enlist the help of a Realtor. He or she will provide the professional advice and service you need to make the selling process go smoothly. Showing you ways to make your home as marketable as possible is just one of...

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Growth in Our Area

Over the past five years Grey County has started to get more popular and we are seeing more people move to the area. A comparison of the 2016 stats to the 2011 "Canadian  Statistics Census" show the surge. Our Team researched the major areas in...

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Niagara Escarpment Commission

To ensure that the Escarpment's natural resources, health and ecosystems are protected, Niagara Escarpment landowners are required to get an Escarpment Development Permit for certain types of development. http://www.escarpment.org/applications/index.php The permit...

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