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Every bit, Big or Small helps!

We are hoping generous members of our community, individuals and business owners will collaborate with us to bring more funds to the Centre Grey Health services foundation, in support of their project to build a new Markdale Hospital.

Our annual tournament bring awareness to this foundation and the lifesaving work they do, and to offer continuing support to one of many ongoing projects.

Although the target goal has been exceeded, medical equipment and technology is constantly changing and improving. Keeping our hospital up to date is a costly challenge. Each year the Foundation strives to raise approximately $500,000 to keep our hospitals current.

We now turn to you to support our mission. It is the generosity of our community that will provide the tools to our doctors, nurses and technicians which will allow them to provide superior health care when it is needed most. We cannot do this without your help. Every donation has the potential to save a life.

Printable: Sponsorship Package 2020

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